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Sample Poland's BestSample Poland's BestSample Poland's Best

Fine Delicacies

Fine DelicaciesFine DelicaciesFine Delicacies

About Adamba


The Adamba Story

Adamba originated as a modest purveyor of specialty foods and today boasts an inventory which exceeds one thousand diverse items. 

The company built the Luxusowa Vodka brand with annual U.S. sales exceeding 180,000 cases. Next, Ultimat Vodka was created, giving birth to the luxury vodka segment. Now, it is Gluten-Free Vesica that stands as our proudest achievement in the potato vodka category. Adamba Imports is a leader in Polish speciality foods wholesale distribution in the US.


Vesica's Story

The Vesica, an ancient mystical symbol, served as our inspiration in creating this premium vodka. It is formed when two circles with the same radius intersect in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. Its distinctive shape is found throughout architecture, math, science, culture, works of art and the spiritual world. Vesica…a world-class vodka, unites taste, craft, quality and heritage unlike any other spirit in its category. We call it…a Bottle of Perfect Harmony. 

Bison Brand Vodka

Bison Brand Vodka

Bison Brand Vodka, Zubrówka, is unusual because it is flavored with a rare, pungent wild grass enjoyed by European bison. Each bottle has a blade of the grass in it for the drinker to admire. Zubrówka, a Polish vodka flavored with bison grass.
Bison grass grows in one of Europe's most remote and pristine corners, in and around an ancient forest that straddles the border with Belarus. The vast primeval woods, protected by a special United Nations designation, are home to one of Europe's last herds of bison, which are cousins of the American buffalo.

Bison Brand Vodka has been a Polish national drink for centuries and a cult favorite internationally for decades. Finally available in the US market.

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